Booking Your First Appointment

In a revolutionary new centre in the heart of “Theatre-land”, our multidisciplinary team of voice specialists will work together to help free your voice. Each treatment plan is based on your specific needs and goals, which means your multidisciplinary treatment plan is designed around you, and will be unique from start to finish. Once you’re ‘in’ the system, you could have up to 5 practitioners sharing notes, discussing your case, and planning your treatment to maximise the expected outcome.

We don’t believe performers or professional voice users should ever have to accept any unpredictability of their voices in auditions, or on stage. Which is why our treatments are competitively priced, and each appointment will cost you the same money.

Never booked before?

If you have never booked with us before, we suggest you book an initial assessment. This option is a 45 minute appointment where we can take a detailed case history, which will greatly determine the outcome of your treatment.

Is your VOICE not feeling ‘right’?

Book Initial Assessment

Have a 45 minute appointment including a chat through your symptoms and diagnosis from an ENT (if you have one), your questions, and also any concerns and goals you have with your voice.

Next, you will be palpated and measured with a Vocal Health Index Score and an Acid Reflux Index Score. (This gives us a baseline measurement to know our treatment plan is working with you in the most powerful way possible). At this point you are screened for any ‘Red Flags’. This means that if we find something out of our scope of practise, and further medical attention is needed, you will be referred back to your GP with a letter, or directly to our Voice Specialist ENT surgeon should you have the financial means.

Assuming you are clear of any ‘Red Flags’, you will then receive a treatment.

After the treatment, you will be advised as to what may be the best treatment plan moving forward. This will have a clear cost and show the timeline of your treatment plan set out before you. (This treatment plan may involve more than one practitioner to get you back to Vocal Health as we have a brilliant multidisciplinary team ).

With the treatment plan, each practitioner will be sharing notes back and forth, so there is no lengthy explaining to do over and over again, meaning time is always maximised in the room.

In the Initial Assessment, there is absolutely NO obligation to book further treatments, you can just come in for a chat with NO strings attached.

Because of this detailed appointment system, we do not answer voice related questions via email or phone, so all of your questions will be answered in person in the assessment.

This appointment and any future appointments made in the Initial Assessment are bound to the same Terms and Conditions as any other appointment.

If you can’t visit us in London, why not let us come to you? We have set up the VOICE CARE CENTRE AT HOME treatment options, where we can provide this therapeutic intervention via Zoom.