Mindfulness & Meditation

What is Mindfulness and Meditation and who is it for?

When we sing, the activation of sound occurs in the brain. The collisions responsible for phonation in the larynx are only a manifestation of that initial thought process. Certain voice disorders and undiagnosed vocal pathologies are psychogenic in cause, meaning they begin in your psychology but are manifested in your vocal apparatus.

At the VOICE CARE CENTRE, we’re so invested in your healing, we can now accommodate Mind, Body and Voice treatments. If your stress levels are constantly high, and as a result your work/life balance is suffering, other finite bodily balances could be suffering too. The mindfulness coaching option is the stepping stone between you as you are now, and your maximum potential as a performer, which includes dealing with performance anxiety.

In the skilful and inspiring hands of Brenda Shankey, you can literally transform in a one hour session including ridding symptoms of unexplained jaw and throat pain, as well as eliminating fears of performing.

Care Options

Mindfulness & Meditation session

  • 30 minutes

If you can’t visit us in London, why not let us come to you? We have set up the VOICE CARE CENTRE AT HOME treatment options, where we can provide this therapeutic intervention via Zoom.