Mindfulness & Meditation

What is Mindfulness and Meditation and who is it for?

When we sing, the activation of sound occurs in the brain. The collisions responsible for phonation in the larynx are only a manifestation of that initial thought process. Certain voice disorders and undiagnosed vocal pathologies are psychogenic in cause, meaning they begin in your psychology but are manifested in your vocal apparatus.

At the VOICE CARE CENTRE, we’re so invested in your healing, we can now accommodate Mind, Body and Voice treatments. If your stress levels are constantly high, and as a result your work/life balance is suffering, other finite bodily balances could be suffering too. The mindfulness coaching option is the stepping stone between you as you are now, and your maximum potential as a performer, which includes dealing with performance anxiety.

In the skilful and inspiring hands of Brenda Shankey, you can literally transform in a one hour session including ridding symptoms of unexplained jaw and throat pain, as well as eliminating fears of performing.

Treatment Options

Mindset Coaching is an AT HOME service led by our voice specialist Mindset coach, Brenda Shankey.

Upon confirmation of your booking, you will receive a unique ‘Telehealth’ link to join your session from your home. This opens in browser and can be used on a phone, tablet or computer. This means your Mindset coaching session fits into even the busiest of days.

Mindfulness & Meditation with Brenda

  • 30 minutes
  • This treatment is booked with a deposit, and Brenda will invoice for the remainder of the fee

Who delivers this treatment?

Brenda Shankey

PGCE, Dip.Mind.Med, DipC.Mind.Med, MBCBT

@brendashankey brendashankey brenda@voicecarecentre.co.uk
Days at the Voice Care Centre

Services Offered

Mindfulness and Success Coaching

Mindset success coach, Brenda Shankey works predominantly in London’s West End coaching performers, singers, dancers, actors pre-stage, TV and film productions. Covering everything from: confidence, stage nerves, loss of voices, forgetting lines, sleeplessness, learning to relax, injury recovery, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, the list is endless!

Brenda works full time with students in one of London’s top performing arts universities on performance mindset training, coaching them on overcoming old habits, fears and emotions, and building resilience and positive futures. When not at The Urdang Academy, Brenda runs meditation classes in London and Belfast for both kids and adults. With Brenda’s specialism in Children’s mindfulness her extensive career has seen her working with 5-12 year olds from primary schools to specific one to one coaching. As well as her mindfulness coaching, she is a published author and was named Business Woman of the Year 2012. She won an Outstanding Contribution award from Princess Ann for 5 years charity work for Save the Children and was also the chair of Ballyhackamore Business Association for 6 years.

In 2019, Brenda had the much coveted space to talk and share her expertise at the World Mental Health Day, London City Hall.