Speech Therapy

What is Speech Therapy and who can benefit from it?

Lydia and Lauren provide a wide range of treatment options, from voice care advice, to a programme of voice therapy for people struggling with their speaking or singing voice. Lydia and Lauren can help with a wide range of vocal complaints, as well as giving expert advice on other ENT and airway difficulties. Lydia and Lauren’s knowledge of the singer and singing voice, as well as the speaking voice, means she is well equipped to deal with elite level vocalists.

Sessions with Lydia and Lauren will help to bridge the gap your ENT team and your singing teacher or vocal coach. Receiving a diagnosis of vocal pathology can be scary and confusing – Lydia and Lauren will help you to understand what your diagnosis means, what might have caused it, and how to recover. Lydia and Lauren’s passion and willingness to collaborate means a multidisciplinary approach may be used to help effectively treat you with Manual Therapy treatments and Vocal Rehabilitation at the Pro Voice Care, London studio in Soho.

Lydia and Lauren can provide advice and treatment for:

  • Hoarseness or loss of voice (a recent assessment by ENT is essential)

  • Vocal fatigue
  • Vocal strain or discomfort
  • Pre and post-operative voice rehabilitation
  • Globus (sensation of something stuck, or a lump in the throat)
  • Persistent cough
  • Persistent throat clearing
  • Symptoms of acid reflux
  • Nasal and sinus issues such as congestion, post-nasal drip or difficulty breathing through the nose

What is the structure of the treatment?

Your first session with Lydia and Lauren will help to explore concerns. Voice problems can be complex, so it is important to take time to determine the underlying cause of your issues. Lydia and Lauren will listen, and help you to understand your symptoms, and the treatment options most appropriate for you.

Your treatment sessions will consist of a tailored programme of voice care advice, strategies and exercises. Lydia and Lauren also work holistically with mind, breath and body. Lydia and Lauren believe that individuals should be given the tools to manage their symptoms, so not only should your sessions help you to recover from your issues, they should also help to prevent them reoccurring in future.

Treatment Options

Speech Therapy is an AT HOME service led by our voice specialist SLT, Lydia Hart.

Upon confirmation of your booking, you will receive a unique ‘Telehealth’ link to join your session from your home. This opens in browser and can be used on a phone, tablet or computer. This means your speech therapy session fits into even the busiest of days.

Speech Therapy with Lydia

  • 30 minutes
  • This treatment is booked with a deposit, and Lydia will invoice for the remainder of the fee

Speech Therapy with Lauren

  • 30 minutes
  • This treatment is booked with a deposit, and Lauren will invoice for the remainder of the fee

Who delivers this treatment?

Lydia Hart


@lydiahartvoice lydiahartvoice lydia@voicecarecentre.co.uk
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Speech Therapy

Lydia Hart is fast becoming a leading practitioner in Vocal Rehabilitation, combining her expertise as a voice specialist Speech and Language Therapist with her passion for wellbeing and holistic treatment. Lydia is known for being vibrant, caring and truly passionate about her work, and she strives to provide the best possible treatment for her patients. Additionally, Lydia is a singer herself, which expands her appreciation for the human voice as well as her skill set as a voice therapist, which is invaluable when working with elite level vocalists.

Lydia completed her four year BSc in Speech and Language Therapy in 2015, at the University of Reading. Lydia spent two years working with swallowing disorders, before undertaking comprehensive clinical training in Voice and Upper Airway disorders. Alongside her work at Voice Care Centre, Lydia provides NHS outpatient voice therapy as well as running the Joint Voice Clinic at Wexham Park Hospital, alongside renowned laryngologist Declan Costello. She is a trainer with the innovating Vocal Health Education and Vocal Massage Training UK. She has attended the Estill level 1 and 2 courses with The Voice Explained and has trained in Vocal Massage, Myofascial Release and further laryngeal manipulation, with Stephen King.

Lydia has vast experience working with individuals experiencing voice disorders such as muscle tension dysphonia, vocal cord nodules, cysts and polyps, vocal cord paralysis, as well as other upper airway complaints like globus, throat clearing, and chronic cough. Lydia has an extensive range of skills and treatment techniques, including postural and breath work, relaxation and mindfulness, and specialist voice rehabilitation exercises to enable return to full vocal function.

Lydia can also provide advice for management of acid reflux, respiratory conditions and nasal airway issues, as the effect of these conditions on the voice can be underestimated. Lydia genuinely cares about her clients, and uses her expertise to provide detailed assessment and diagnosis of voice problems, in order to deliver holistic treatment programmes tailored to suit each individual.

Lauren Gray

BSc. (Hons), CertMRCSLT HCPC registered (Lauren Gray SLT Services)

@SLT_laurengray lauren@voicecarecentre.co.uk
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Services Offered

Speech Therapy

Lauren is a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist who is passionate about providing evidence based clinical practice. Her particular interests within the field of voice include: supporting clients to use good vocal hygiene techniques; managing the implications of stress and anxiety on vocal function, and practical therapy approaches to help relieve muscle tension voice difficulties. Whilst working in Queensland, Australia for two years, she certified as a Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT) practitioner, which enables her to deliver a highly-structured and intensive therapy programme to people whose voice has been affected by acquired neurological conditions such as MS or Parkinson’s disease.

Lauren graduated from City University London in 2014 and worked with voice outpatients within the NHS as part of a primary contact ENT clinic at Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust. More recently, she has been trained in performing nasendoscopic evaluations: her expertise in working with the laryngeal tract and subsequent physiology is therefore extensive. She currently works as part of the SLT team at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust treating clients who have suffered from head and neck cancer, whose voice may have been impacted by radiotherapy exposure or surgery.

The diversity and uniqueness of the human voice and its ability to create emotion and reaction from an audience has always fascinated Lauren, and theatre was present in her life from an early age. Lauren completed her LAMDA Grade 8 Gold Medal Solo Acting and plays saxophone and flute. She thrives on working with clients to help them achieve their maximum vocal potential, by setting realistic and achievable goals during each session.