Vocal Massage and Medical Acupuncture now in Colchester

Robert Price is now seeing people at the VOICE CARE CENTRE COLCHESTER for Vocal Massage and Medical Acupuncture treatments, specialising in the care of the jaw, jaw problems, bruxism and TMJ treatments.

With a special interest in the structure, function and pathologies associated with the Jaw, you are in safe hands with Robert.

Seeing people at the VOICE CARE CENTRE – COLCHESTER  clinic for these treatments proves beneficial in providing care outside of Central London for busy, stressed commuters and people living with voice disorders.

Robert Price treating jaw problems

We accept onward, private referrals from the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS hospital Speech Therapy services as part of your voice rehabilitation.

  • If you live in Colchester, Wivenhoe or the surrounding areas the VOICE CARE CENTRE COLCHESTER is closer to you than coming to see us in London. For ongoing maintenance of the voice / Post Speech Therapy / Vocal Rehabilitation

  • Our services are for people other than singers too, and Robert’s work in Colchester is no exception. So if you have public speaking engagements, rely on your voice for work, or have reached a place in your journey where you want to try something new and build a different therapeutic relationship, then this may well be for you.

  • Medical Acupuncture for TMJ dysfunction, including Jaw Tension and Bruxism

What services are available in Colchester?

Robert is providing both Vocal Massage and Medical Acupuncture treatments in Colchester, helping you with your voice and jaw problems.

What is Medical Acupuncture?

Medical Acupuncture is a form of acupuncture or dry needling for musculoskeletal problems. Robert has an extensive QiGong practice as well as being fully qualified and insured to use acupuncture in his treatments.

Medical Acupuncture relies on the tiny needles piercing the skin, and entering muscle fibres, changing how the brain might perceive any pain or discomfort in that area.

Medical Acupuncture is not only beneficial but relaxing too. So if you are looking to ease the tension from a tightly held jaw or you are fed up of your shoulders feeling tense, then this treatment modality could be perfect for you.

📍 Is this Online 
or In-Person?

ONLINE sessions can be booked right away through the Voice Care Centre and take place via Zoom or the in house Telehealth service we use. You can book an initial assessment here to begin your online, multidisciplinary experience.
IN-PERSON sessions take place in the Tree Room, Colchester in a quiet and private clinic environment.

£75.00 for 60 minutes of either Medical Acupuncture or Vocal Massage IN-PERSON in Colchester

There is a £15 booking fee included in the hourly rate which will be paid on booking an appointment and is non-refundable. The remainder of the booking will be paid on the day of the appointment with Robert.

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An Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist, Robert is also one of London’s leading voice teachers with 20 years experience training actors in Britain and Ireland…