Providing vocal massage treatments to people in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Vocal Massage now available in Glasgow

Kate Valentine is now seeing people in Glasgow for Vocal Massage treatments, specialising in the care of classical and opera singers.

Seeing people at 94 Hope Street for these treatments proves beneficial in providing care outside of the performance hub of Central London. With much need for an increased access to these treatments in Scotland, Kate is thrilled to be able to off this service here.

We accept onward, private referrals from NHS Speech Therapy services as part of your voice rehabilitation.

  • Vocal Massage for professional voice users
  • Care of the classical and operatic voice
  • Managing voice change and transition
  • Part of a multidisciplinary treatment plan

What services are available in Glasgow?

Kate is providing Vocal Massage treatments in central Glasgow.

Treating classical singers


📍 Is this Online 
or In-Person?

ONLINE sessions can be booked right away through the Voice Care Centre and take place via Zoom or the in house Telehealth service we use. You can book an initial assessment here to begin your online, multidisciplinary experience.
IN-PERSON sessions take place on the 2nd Floor of 94 Hope Street, Glasgow in a quiet and private clinic environment.

£85.00 for 60 minutes of Vocal Massage IN-PERSON in Glasgow.

There is a £15 booking fee included in the hourly rate which will be paid on booking an appointment and is non-refundable. The remainder of the booking will be paid on the day of the appointment with Kate.

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Kate Valentine specialises in vocal massage, laryngeal manual therapy, vocal health, and injury prevention in the classical voice…