Working with Globus

n: A painless (?) sense of a lump in the throat

Working with Globus

n: A painless (?) sense of a lump in the throat

Globus pharyngeus, also known as globus sensation or globus hystericus, is the feeling of having a lump or foreign object in the throat when there is no actual physical obstruction present. It’s a common symptom and is often associated with anxiety or stress. People with globus pharyngeus may feel like they have difficulty swallowing or a persistent lump in their throat, but there is no physical cause for these sensations. 

There is current evidence to suggest that Managing Globus is a biopsychosocial affair, with a multidisciplinary team approach being the ‘gold standard’. However, there are things we as individual practitioners (SLT/SLP’s, Manual Therapists, Voice Rehabilitation Specialists, VHP’s and Vocal Health First Aiders) can do to provide relief in the hopes that this person’s nervous system can – and will change.

In this 90 minute seminar:

You will learn the history of Globus, from the “Book of the Yellow Emperor” (180BCE) to current day thinking. We will briefly examine the current treatment pathways for Globus.

You will learn a reflective exercise intervention for your clients.


Location: ZOOM

Time / Date: 1000-1130 UK, Saturday 18th November 2024

Cost: £29.00

There will be a playback option for those who cannot attend LIVE.

About the presenter:

Stephen King

(Founder of the VOICE CARE CENTRE)

As a thought leader in the voice health sector, Stephen has been responsible for creating the Voice Care model in the UK, enabling greater access to private voice therapy services from a biopsychosocial perspective. As a Co – Founder of the not for profit Vocal Health Education, he has overseen the education of over 2,500 externally accredited Vocal Health First Aiders and several industry leading Voice Rehabilitation Specialists. As an author, Stephen has co-written Help! I’ve Got A Voice Problem, with further academic articles published in peer reviewed journals. 

Within his role as a manual therapy educator, Stephen has delivered masterclasses and seminars across Europe, China and Japan, as well as having written and delivered the UK’s only intensive vocal massage training qualification. Stephen currently sits as the Director of London’s award winning, multidisciplinary Voice Care Centre, where he still occasionally gives treatments to people with voice problems seeking biopsychosocial management of their ongoing issues. Now semi-retired to North Devon, he works online as an integrative psychotherapist (reg.BACP) through the Centre for Mental Wellness and is a Registered Practitioner with the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine.