A free consultation leads to a multidisciplinary treatment process

We always begin a multidisciplinary treatment process with an Initial Assessment as part of your first appointment. But before that, there’s the free consultation.

Not sure where to start?

We have a free 15 minute phone consultation service, where you can discuss what’s going on for you and your voice with Stephen King, the Director of the VOICE CARE CENTRE.

This free service helps us get to know you, and you to get to know us. You can ask us any questions you may have about what we do, and how we can help you.

Once your consultation is over, Stephen will provide you with a plan, scheduling you with the appropriate practitioners within the VOICE CARE CENTRE.

Our award winning (Healthcare Provider of the Year, London 2019) service secures all of your session notes in one place which is accessible by all of the practitioners who are working with you. This saves you time in lengthy re-explanations and is also more financially efficient for you.

Your Initial Assessment

Part of your first booking

This assessment process helps us understand where you are at with your voice, and how we can best support you within our multidisciplinary work.

In the Initial Assessment part of your first appointment, we rule out any red flags, discuss any previous diagnoses, vocal history and any concerns about your voice and work together to work out what you want to do next.

We will discuss how we use a patient centred model of care, and the biopsychosocial model to not only listen and provide appropriate voice care, but get to know and understand you as a person (and not just a diagnosis).

Do you know what treatment you want to engage with?

If you know what treatment you want to book, you can go right ahead and book the relevant service. Whether this is vocal massage or singing voice rehabilitation, we can facilitate your booking quickly and efficiently.


Our treatments

“Care” is not just in our name, it’s a big part of what we do.

Throughout every step of your journey with us, there is someone there to talk to.

We know it can be overwhelming having a voice problem, and we all believe that open communication can be the best way to address anything coming up in your plan.

We care. We can help.

Want more sessions with one practitioner? Want to try another treatment within the multidisciplinary team? Need to move an appointment? Just get in touch with Sally, the CENTRE manager or your practitioner who can facilitate changes and help you out, and get you where you need to be.

If the singer says they have a problem with their voice, they have a problem with their voice (even if ears can’t hear it, eyes can’t see it and machines can’t measure it).