Nutrition is a powerful missing link in the world of health and wellbeing which is often overlooked. This service can help tailor a nutritional or dietary programme to you, from a Voice Specialist Nutritionist who understands the demands on a singer.

How can nutrition help me as a performer and how can I benefit from nutritional advice?

As performers we have specific needs and face unique difficulties when it comes to our health, and one of the most useful tools we can utilise for optimal functioning is nutrition. Unfortunately, these unique needs can often be poorly interpreted or misunderstood by someone with no knowledge of the practical realities of the life of someone who uses their voice for a living.

What we eat and when we eat it has a tremendous effect on our overall health which makes it almost impossible to avoid the notion that ‘we are what we eat.’ As singers and voice performers our body is our instrument – if we manage and consider what we put into our bodies our voices will respond optimally and, conversely, poor dietary choices can potentially lead us into significant problems.

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What can nutritional coaching successfully help with?

  • Feelings of tiredness or low energy during rehearsals and performance
  • Gastrointestinal reflux or GERD symptoms
  • Problems with sleep patterns due to an unusual and erratic daily schedule
  • Weight gain or loss due to the stress and demands of a busy performing schedule
  • Trouble maintaining optimal health when travelling or on the road

Performers are instinctive beings that make intuitive decisions based on gut feeling – in that case, best to have your gut in working order. This will permit ideal functioning of your immune system and nervous system – two essential elements for a voice performer.

Using diet to achieve success is now considered essential in other realms of performance, such as elite level athletes like Usain Bolt. Voice performers are sorely lacking in this regard, and utilising knowledge of diet and nutrition can help separate your overall performance from your contemporaries. With the right fuel, you will allow your years of training and hard work to flourish by making your body function at its peak, not only that but being aware of your nutritional habits could be the missing link in your vocal health.

Duncan Rock (Voice Specialist Nutritional Scientist) combines 10 years of stage experience as an operatic baritone, working in some of world’s preeminent opera houses with a detailed and sceptical knowledge of nutrition. He has gone on his own journey and so understands first-hand the unique struggles faced by voice performers. With this as a powerful contextual starting point, Duncan can guide you through any issues you may be having regarding your diet, weight, energy levels or any problem specifically relating to your voice (eg. reflux) that may be helped through dietary intervention.

£65.00 for 30 minutes

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Duncan is a graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London) and West Australian Academy …

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