Vocal Rehabilitation

Vocal Rehabilitation can be the centrepiece of the process of voice change. This service exists between your surgery, speech therapy and your singing teacher. Each Singing Voice Rehabilitation booking is a block of 3 hours which will enable you to regain control and use your voice with minimal effort again.

What is Singing Voice Rehabilitation and who needs it?

Statistically, nearly every singer will, at some point in their career have a problem with their voice which might mean they need a Vocal Rehabilitation Coach. This could be anything including:

  • Loss of stamina
  • Increase in recovery time
  • Loss of upper range
  • Gaps in the range
  • Problems with loud or soft singing
  • Aching in throat
  • Voice routinely groggy in the morning

Get diagnosed

If you are worried about your voice, it’s important to have a diagnosis from an ENT consultant who is a voice specialist. This will normally be followed up by some speech therapy work. Then the singing voice rehabilitation specialist steps in. Jenevora is one of the few Voice Rehabilitation Coaches to be endorsed by the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM).

In order to be accredited by BAPAM, one needs to have an in-depth knowledge of functional anatomy, vocal pathology, endoscopic observation, counselling skills, palpation skills, regular participation in Voice Clinics and regular supervision. Every one of these competencies is backed-up by training and certification so it is unsurprising that there are so few of them. Therefore this dramatic and rigorous process shines a light on the most competent voice teachers in the UK, and Jenevora has met the criteria to be one of these elite few.

What do I do next if I think I could benefit from this?

Singing Voice Rehabilitation can be a self-referral. Many singers come to us due to having problems with their voice but they don’t necessarily have a vocal fold pathology. If you come via the VOICE CARE CENTRE for rehabilitation work, this does not replace or interfere with lessons you may be having with your regular singing teacher. In fact, collaboration and observation are both encouraged (if at all possible).

📍This appointment is delivered ONLINE or IN-PERSON by request

This treatment is scheduled and booked with a deposit, and Jenevora will invoice for the remainder of the fee. This way of working enables both a fair wage to the expert practitioners, and facilitating the administration of multidisciplinary team meetings and management.

£130.00 per 60 minutes

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Dr Jenevora Williams is a leading exponent in the field of vocal health and singing teaching.

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