Our treatments

There are many contributing factors to our vocal health and wellbeing.

At the VOICE CARE CENTRE you will have access to all of our multidisciplinary treatments including: Vocal Massage, Speech Therapy, Voice Rehabilitation, Nutritional Coaching and Mindset Coaching. We can also arrange for a private endoscopy and surgery should it be needed.

Vocal Massage

Each Vocal Massage is as important to us as it is to you, with your safety and comfort, as well as results, at the heart of every treatment. The VOICE CARE CENTRE Vocal Massage treatments have become synonymous with the words “Pain Free” because of our evidence based, relational approach to this interaction.

📍IN – PERSON in Central London, Oxford and North Devon.

Speech Therapy

The (voice specialist) Speech Therapy team are extremely effective at restoring function to your voice post-surgery and can help alleviate the symptoms of complex voice diagnoses. This service is also used as part of our internal referral framework, helping restore function to the whole voice, not just the singing voice.


Singing Voice Rehabilitation

Vocal Rehabilitation can be the centrepiece of the process of change, linking the parts and pieces of your care pathway into a functional reality, and exists between your surgery, speech therapy and your singing teacher. 

📍ONLINE and IN-PERSON in Guildford, London or North Devon.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is a powerful missing link in the world of health and wellbeing which is often overlooked. This service can help tailor a nutritional or dietary programme to you, from a Voice Specialist Nutritionist who understands the demands on a singer.


Psychotherapy for Voice Problems

This is a unique and specialised treatment option address the grieving process for a former voice, and welcoming strategies by which to move forward with your life and your voice.

Your past creates a blueprint for how you are in the present, and so with help you can begin to rewrite the blueprint with a more helpful outcome for your attachment to your voice.


Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching is a huge part of our multidisciplinary approach at the Voice Care Centre, and is an important missing link between therapy and normal function. In this service, not only are there coaching principles used, but also counselling and psychotherapeutic techniques too, as well as some self guided Manual Therapy. 

📍ONLINE or IN-PERSON in London or North Devon.

Vocal Acupuncture

The VOCAL Acupuncture protocol was conceptualised by Stephen King and Caroline Van Looy MSc. Presented at conferences all over the world, this interesting new modality shows promising results for managing voice and swallowing disorders alongside other treatments.

📍 IN-PERSON in London or North Devon

Endoscopic evaluation

Having a laryngoscopy or Endoscopic evaluation can be a confusing and scary process. At the Voice Care Centre we recommend Declan Costello ENT, one of the finest voice surgeons in the world who can assess and diagnose vocal pathology in your appointment. Once a formal, biomedical diagnosis has been made, then a treatment plan may be put together by our fantastic team, or you may be referred for other therapeutic or surgical interventions.

📍IN-PERSON in Maidenhead or Central London

Vocal Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a branch of primary manual healthcare providing diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. The principle of osteopathy is that the body has the capacity to keep itself functioning well, assuming all its systems are working efficiently.

📍 IN-PERSON in Central London or Surrey

Coaching Psychology

Our Coaching Psychology sessions are offered to facilitate positive behavioural change in your life. Our coach will support your journey towards vocal health, establishing and supervising goals using evidence-based techniques.



If the singer says they have a problem with their voice, they have a problem with their voice (even if ears can’t hear it, eyes can’t see it and machines can’t measure it).

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