Terms & conditions

  1. All bookings made through the ‘Cliniko’ booking system, social media, in person or through email enquiry are bound to the same Terms and Conditions
  2. Voice Care Centre reserves the right to refuse further treatment of a client if any practitioner should feel threatened or unsafe. This is including but not limited to; violence, physical inappropriateness, harassment.
  3. Any appointment cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of the time of commencement incurs the full fee of the appointment.
  4. There are no refunds available. However, credit notes will be given for the full amount paid, and a reschedule of the appointment can occur within 6 months of the booked date. If you are within 48 hours of the appointment time, this does not apply. If a reschedule needs to be arranged within 48 hours, the full fee is still liable even with illness.
  5. It is not the fault of  Voice Care Centre if a mutual time cannot be rescheduled for an unattended or cancelled appointment.
  6. Voice Care Centre is not responsible for change in timbre, tone or quality of the voice as that is part of the Vocal Massage experience. If an undesired change is felt, the client should let the practitioner know straight away in the clinic room.
  7. You will fill out a clinical assessment form at the start of your process. It is the client’s sole responsibility to inform of any major medical changes should the appointments be spread over a 6 month period.
  8. Anything said in the clinic is non-medical advice, unless it is given by a medical professional. It is the sole responsibility of the client to follow up a ‘red flag’ with a qualified medical doctor.
  9. If a clinician is faced with a red flag, treatment may be refused and a referral made.
  10. The clinic is fully insured by BGi.UK with up to £5million in medical malpractice. We are insured for the following: Manual Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Speech and Language therapy.
  11. The booking system adjusts to the timezone you are currently in. Please ensure that the booking is made in UK time and not another time zone. If your booking exists for a time that cannot be accommodated, there will be no refund or reschedule available.
  12. If a practitioner is ill, and cannot attend the session, you will be emailed and a rescheduled appointment will be put in place.
  13. At the Voice Care Centre, we are person focussed and every practitioner appreciates the interlocking nature of the voice/body/mind. To that end, we co-create a space with you, following your pace and story to assess the situation with you as clearly as possible. This can mean that assessment times may overrun, so we kindly request that it is your responsibility to accurately ask for what you need in the treatment process.

VOICE CARE CENTRE, COVID- 19 Risk Assessment

Carried out by Ronan Radin on 13/07/2020
Updated by Stephen King on 01/01/2022

Whilst the government said that businesses with fewer than 5 employees do not have to have a written risk assessment, below is an assessment of coronavirus transmission risks for VOICE CARE CENTRE taken before opening.

0- No Risk
1- Low Risk
2- Medium Risk
3- High Risk

Hazard- Door handles/surfaces

Risk before action – 2

Who is at risk at how: Clients and Therapists may contract Coronavirus by touching contaminated surfaces.

In order to prevent/reduce this risk: Hand sanitiser is provided at the front door of 58 Broadwick Street as well as in the treatment room. Clarendon provides a cleaning service where all shared surfaces, including doors and door handles are disinfected regularly. The treatment room is now disinfected thoroughly between each client by the massage therapist. All towels and blankets are removed from the room to be washed. Water and tea is no longer provided. There is now a 15 minute ‘clean up’ time after each client in order to disinfect and clean the room.

Risk after action taken – 0-1


Hazard – Shared spaces

Risk before action – 2

Who is at risk at how: Clients may contract coronavirus in shared spaces as it is harder to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

In order to prevent/reduce this risk: There is now an entry procedure that will be emailed to each client along with their confirmation – these procedures will give a set arrival time where the therapist will meet the client at the door to lead them to the room, as well as providing sanitizer and potential temperature checks. The waiting room is currently closed to minimise the shared spaces used by clients. There is a 15 minute gap between each appointment to minimise the amount of people in the building/ help control social distancing.

Risk after action taken – 0-1

Hazard – Skin to Skin contact

Risk before action – 2

Who is at risk at how: There is a risk to both the client and the therapist of being contaminated and contracting coronavirus.

In order to prevent/reduce this risk: The therapist will use hand sanitizer frequently as well as washing their hands for at least 30 seconds before and after each treatment. Clients are encouraged to use hand sanitizer which is available in every room and area of the building. Therapists and clients are encouraged to change and shower when returning to their homes in order to minimise any further contamination

Risk after action taken – 0-1

Other Risks

Commuting Risk- 1

As it is now required by law to wear a face covering on public transport, the risks of contracting the virus when commuting are low. In order to minimise the use of public transport/risk, London Raynor Massage will have a phased return to work. At the moment, massage will only take place one day a week- this will increase over time to meet any potential demand and hopefully coincide with lower transmission rates across the city.

The risks for both clients and the massage therapist will be continuously assessed as and when new guidance and information is released by the UK Government.

Vocal Massage Training Terms and Conditions

1. Contract Formation
1.a When you purchase online or through an email or a telephone conversation, your booking constitutes a request to us to reserve a place for you on a specified course with a specified commencement date.
1.b The contract between us will form when we send you a confirmation acceptance email of your place on the course. Where a purchase is made online, this will occur in addition to the online confirmation documentation.
1.c Acceptance will be complete at the point at which we send the confirmation email to you.
1.d VMT LTD recognises that a mere request for information does not constitute an intention to enter into a legally binding contract and the above clauses only apply to online purchases and clear requests to reserve a place on a course.

2. Cancellation of Course Booking Policy
2.a Customers in the European Union are entitled to a statutory cooling-off period of seven business days. This is where the ‘Consumer’ is a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. The Consumer may cancel the booking at any time up to the end of the seventh working day (Monday to Friday) from the date on which the Customer receives the Confirmation Email.
2.b VMT LTD will make a full refund of any course fees already paid provided notice is sent by email to manager@voicecarecentre.com within that seven-day period.
2.c In all other cases refunds for cancellations are non-refundable beyond the cooling off period. VMT LTD enters into contractual liability with third party teachers/therapists and refunds are therefore not available for this reason.
2.e If for any reason VMT LTD cancels the course then the course fee shall be refunded in full and no further liability shall attach to VMT LTD in respect of such cancellation.
2.f. VMT LTD will use all reasonable efforts to provide the course on the agreed date. If for any reason VMT LTD needs to change this due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control such as, but not limited to, unavailability of course tutors due to illness, inclement weather, strikes and transport difficulties, then VMT LTD shall endeavour to re-arrange the course. The provision shall not prejudice the Customer’s right to cancel the booking and be refunded the fees in full and no further liability shall attach to VMT LTD d in respect of such cancellation.

3. Pricing and Availability
3.a Please be aware that while every effort is made to maintain an up-to-date website, courses may become fully booked or withdrawn at any time.
3.b We will inform you if a course becomes unavailable via email.

4. Liability
4.a VMT LTD do not exclude or limit in any way liability created by themselves or their employees or agents for death or personal injury, which is unlawful to exclude or limit.
4.b The liability of VMT LTD for other acts or defaults whether by themselves, their employees or, agents whether in contract, tort (including negligence) misrepresentation (unless fraudulent) or other legal liability is limited to:
4.c For physical loss or damage to property: the amount per claim which VMT LTD is insured for under its public liability policy(s)
4.d For all other liability: the amount of the course fee paid.

4.e Under no circumstances whatsoever shall any liability accrue for:
4.e.1 Any loss of profits or revenue, loss of goodwill or third parties’ liability or
4.e.2 Loss incurred for reasons beyond the control of VMT LTD. ‘Reasons beyond the control of VMT LTD’ include but are not limited to, inclement weather, lecturer illness, strikes, flood, fire or accident. This includes, but is not limited to, travel expenses, flight costs and hotel costs incurred through booking a course which is later cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of VMT LTD. 4.f Where the Customer is a consumer within the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 then nothing in these conditions shall be taken as depriving him of any rights thereunder which it is unlawful to exclude.

5. Language
5.a All courses are delivered in English and therefore a good command of the English language is advised.

6. Copyright
6.a All materials supplied by VMT LTD are the copyright or other intellectual property of VMT LTD respectively and/or third parties where relevant.
6.b Reproduction of any kind is not permitted without the express written consent of VMT LTD or the relevant third parties.

7. Non-attendance
7.a Course fees are not refundable where an attendee fails to attend but a credit note may be issued at the discretion of VMT LTD.

8. Law and Jurisdiction
8.a English Law governs the control and all disputes arising from booking a course with VMT LTD will be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

9. Third Party Rights
9.a No third party is intended to acquire rights under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

10 Interpretation
10.a Words denoting the singular number shall include the plural number and vice versa and words denoting the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender and vice versa.
10.b Any reference to any statute and/or regulation shall be deemed to include a reference to all and every statutory amendment modification re-enactment and extension in force on or after the date of the Agreement.

11. Our right to vary these terms and conditions
11.a We have a right to revise and amend these terms and conditions as appropriate.