Welcome to the Voice Care Centre

Situated right in the heart of London’s West End, the VOICE CARE CENTRE is within a bustling multidisciplinary clinic of many treatment modalities. This calm and tranquil haven provides a much needed pit stop for any performer looking to reconnect their body, mind and voice.

If you have never booked with us before then you need to book your INITIAL ASSESSMENT here. In the initial assessment, you will be triaged among our brilliant team of holistic and medical voice practitioners who will tailor a plan to get you to where you want to be. Each client can have up to 5 practitioners (including a voice specialist ENT surgeon) sharing information and forward planning back and fourth. We are confident that nowhere else in the UK provides this kind of personal service.

Our Vocal Massage has become synonymous with the words “Pain Free”. Each Vocal Massage is as important to us as it is to you, with your safety and comfort the most important factor of the treatment. The Vocal Massage treatments we deliver in Central London are unique yet powerful, and all delivered by voice specialists who truly understand what it is to be a professional voice user.

Our (voice specialist) Speech Therapy is extremely effective at restoring function to your voice post surgery and can help alleviate the symptoms of complex voice diagnoses. This service is also used as part of our internal referral framework, helping restore function to the whole voice, not just the singing voice.

Mindfulness and Meditation helps you slow down, focus and reassess. Your successful healing is inter-dependant on how clear your thoughts are, and whether you are attaching negativity to your work/ process. Usually one session can give you the tools by which to secure a healthier mindset towards your body and voice.

Vocal Coaching is a huge part of our multidisciplinary approach at the VOICE CARE CENTRE, and truly is an important missing link between therapy and normal function. Although our studio is separate to the clinic centre, notes will still be shared backwards and forwards from each practitioner, with your privacy and data fully protected by encrypted email servers and ‘2 factor authentication’. The Vocal Coaching appointments are made here:


Vocal Rehabilitation The final step between your surgery, speech therapy and your singing teacher, Vocal Rehabilitation is a block of 3 sessions which enable you to regain control and use your voice with minimal effort again.

Nutrition is a powerful missing link in the world of health and wellbeing which is often overlooked. This service can help tailor a nutritional or dietary programme to you, from a Voice Specialist Nutritionist who understands the demands of a singer.

Osteopathy has a long and important history with intervening with stubborn tensions, aches and pains and generally keeping your body running at an optimum. Our vocal osteopathy sees therapeutic intervention take place with the vocal, digestive and respiratory systems.

Our Team all possess specialist knowledge and qualifications within their treatment discipline, and are great listeners too. We know that the interaction of a treatment is just as important as the treatment itself, so we developed a process that helps boost the interaction you have with the therapist.

At the VOICE CARE CENTRE, our personal touches to the treatment mean that people trust us, and come back time and again to help keep their instrument in good working order, and having been trusted by some of the West End’s biggest names, we are confident that we can help you get your voice to where you need your voice to be.