Working in partnership with you, no matter how complex your symptoms are, to optimise your vocal health.

Working in partnership with you, no matter how complex your symptoms are, to optimise your vocal health.

Our award winning Voice Care Centre is London’s first multidisciplinary centre for rehabilitating and maintaining your voice. 

Both in person and online, we specialise in improving the vocal health of complex diagnoses and symptoms that you may present with. Because we specialise in managing complex cases, we are linked with the CauseHealth network which is a Philosophy-led healthcare movement, which seeks to empower both the patient and clinician by better understanding the nuances of causation.

If the singer says they have a problem with their voice, they have a problem with their voice (even if ears can’t hear it, eyes can’t see it and machines can’t measure it).

Our treatments

Your Initial

If you have never booked with us before then you may wish to book your Initial Assessment. In the initial assessment, you will be triaged among our brilliant team of holistic and medical voice practitioners who will tailor a plan to get you to where you want to be.

Multidisciplinary Team

Kindness, empathy and active listening skills run through the hearts and minds of the specialist practitioners and healthcare professionals here at the VOICE CARE CENTRE. With free access to regular clinical supervision, continuing professional development opportunities and monthly multidisciplinary team meetings, the team are mentally, physically and intellectually equipped to engage in the therapeutic process with you.

The beautiful Broadwick Street clinic is situated right in the heart of London’s theatre land. 

At the Voice Care Centre, our personal touches to the treatment mean that people trust us, and come back time and again to help keep their instrument in good working order. We have been trusted by some of the biggest names in entertainment both in the UK and across the world, across genre and profession, and so we too welcome you.

The team at Voice Care Centre are honoured to be members of these regulatory bodies and associations