Vocal Massage Training

Do you want to host us?

Do you want to host us to teach this work in your country?


Now taking bookings for 2024

We travel all over the world teaching this amazing work, and are happy to discuss options with anyone who has a space, and a group of clinicians or coaches who are ready to go on a deep dive into this work.

If you want to arrange a course to be brought to you, then start the conversation with us.

2 day introduction to Biopsychosocial Manual Therapy

Host us for a short course in Biopsychosocial Manual Therapy where Stephen and his team will take your participants through the philosophy of the dispositional philosophy, science and data behind a biopsychosocial approach and the soft skills required to cultivate an appropriate therapeutic relationship. The Manual Therapy techniques learned are all part of the whole interaction with the patient and client, making this Manual Therapy education unique in the sense that it equally weights the therapist’s soft and hard skills.

This 2 day course is suitable for already qualified professionals, and can have 22 participants.

6 day Full Vocal Massage Course
Host us for a full Vocal Massage qualification for all of your participants. The full protocol developed by Stephen King’s research and reviews into the field of vocal massage and manual therapy is taught over the 6 days. The course includes the facilitation of soft skills and the cultivation of internal positive psychology of the therapist.
Included in the course are bonus lectures in Anatomy, Reflux, Philosophy, Causation, Pain Science and Skin Science.
This is taught by two trainers to facilitate learning of up to 16 participants and is designed to fully educate your participants on the nuance of Biopsychosocial Manual Therapy.

How are the trainers trained to teach this work?

Each trainer for the Vocal Massage Training is an educator in their own right and either has completed, or is completing an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist qualification.

The trainers have also attended the vocal massage training course in full and are in full or part time work at the Voice Care Centre.

The trainers learn to teach this work in an apprenticeship model, assisting Stephen King on intensive teaching retreats around the world. Each trainer therefore has attended the course once as a student, once as a co-teacher.