Our multidisciplinary
team are quite unlike any therapeutic alliance in the world of voice therapy.

Ever learning, ever growing, always sharing notes, sharing ideas, sharing expertise and most importantly holding a space for a therapeutic alliance to occur between you and us.

We enter into therapeutic partnerships with people from all walks of life, not just professional voice users.

Our core team of specialists

Lydia Hart
Voice specialist SLT and Breathwork practitioner

Lydia Hart is a specialist Speech and Language Therapist, working  with people experiencing difficulties with their speaking…

Mel Toy
Performance Rehabilitation Coach

Mel Toy is a performer, songwriter, and researcher, as well as a vocal and performance coach specialising in vocal technique, style, musicianship, and performance psychology…

Dr Jenevora Williams
Voice Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr Jenevora Williams is a leading exponent in the field of vocal health and singing teaching. After a successful …

Elissa Finn
Voice Specialist SLT

Elissa is a Speech and Language Therapist and Singer originally from Brisbane..

Robert Price
Vocal Massage Therapist, Voice Teacher

Robert is one of London’s leading voice teachers with 20 years experience training actors in Britain and Ireland…

Our associate team of specialists

Duncan Rock
Nutritional Scientist

Duncan is a graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London) and West Australian Academy …

Chloe Spencer
Vocal Osteopath

Chloe Spencer MOst, BA, MSc, AVCM. Following a varied career in music, archaeology, forensics …

Lily Goss
Coaching Psychologist

Lily Goss is a coaching psychologist, currently completing a Masters in Organisational Psychology at City, University of London

Kate Valentine
Vocal Massage Therapist

Kate Valentine specialises in vocal massage, laryngeal manual therapy, vocal health, and injury prevention …

Line Hilton
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach

Line’s mission is to raise industry standards for vocal, mental and physical health and wellbeing in people …

Dr Eirini Lentari
Voice Disorder Specialist and Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon

Dr Eirini Lentari is an Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) consultant with over 25 years’ international experience…

Centre Staff

Stephen R. King
Founder & Supervisor

As a thought leader in the voice health sector, Stephen has been responsible for creating the Voice Care model in the UK…

Sally Wood
Centre Manager

Sally is a professional singer after having graduated from Urdang Academy with a degree in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre..


If the singer says they have a problem with their voice, they have a problem with their voice (even if ears can’t hear it, eyes can’t see it and machines can’t measure it).

The team members and associates at the Voice Care Centre are honoured to be members of these regulatory bodies and associations