Chloe Spencer

AVCM, BA (hons), MSc, MOst

Chloe Spencer MOst, BA, MSc, AVCM. Following a varied career in music, archaeology, forensics, TV and finance, Chloe retrained and graduated from the University College of Osteopathy with a Masters in Osteopathy (MOst). With a background in sports massage, drama and singing (both in teaching and performance) Chloe has a unique insight into manual therapy for the voice. Her approach is both holistic and patient centred: she treats the whole person, not just the voice, and actively encourages the patient to engage in their own recovery through education and home-based ongoing exercises. Her treatments include standard osteopathic techniques of manipulation and soft tissue work, alongside more gentle interventions depending on the individual case. Chloe has also trained in cranial osteopathy with the Sutherland College of Cranial Osteopathy and breathing therapy with Dr Rosalba Courtney, and is interested in optimising breath and respiratory health for the voice. She currently works as a resident osteopath in a clinic in Egham, Surrey.

Qualifications / Certificates

  • Masters in Osteopathy (UCO)
  • BA Archaeology (UCL)
  • MSc Forensic Archaeology (UCL)
  • AVCM Associate Diploma Victoria College of Music