Mel Toy


Mel Toy is a performer, songwriter, and researcher, as well as a vocal and performance coach specialising in vocal technique, style, musicianship, and performance psychology. She is best known for her work on the underlying psychological and social factors that contribute to the expression and development of performance inhibiting conditions, thoughts, and behaviours.  

In addition to her private practice, Mel works as a lecturer in vocal technique and performance with BIMM London, a senior vocal coach at the Sing Space, and has delivered lectures on performance anxiety/psychology in performing artists for both Masters and Undergraduate training programs. Additionally, she regularly provides webinars and classes on creative voice use and performance anxiety to both performers and teachers/coaches through a range of national and international universities and voice-specialist institutions. 

Mel’s qualifications include an BA (hons) in Creative Musicianship (vocals) and an MSc in Psychology. Presently, Mel is undertaking doctoral research with University College London where she is investigating the implications of music performance anxiety on the wellbeing of contemporary singers. Through this research she aims to draw attention to the diversity of developmental conditions and symptomatic expressions of performance anxiety. Mel hopes this awareness will encourage an increasingly holistic and tailored approach to supporting the development of performance confidence for vocalists worldwide.

Qualifications / Certificates

  • 1st Class BA (hons) Creative Musicianship – Vocals (2018)
  • MSc Psychology (Distinction) (2019)
  • PhD – The impact of music performance anxiety on the wellbeing of contemporary singers (2020 – present) 
  • Certified Modern Vocal Training Coach – Level 2 (2021)
  • Instructor Three – Institute for Vocal Advancement (2022)
  • Counselling for Singing Teachers – equivalent to level three (2022)
  • Vocal Habilitation Practitioner (2021)
  • Vocal Health First Aid (2021)