Coaching Pyschology

Our Coaching Psychology sessions are offered to facilitate positive behavioural change in your life. Our coach will support your journey towards vocal health, establishing and supervising goals using evidence-based techniques.

What is Coaching?

Our coaching psychologist Lily will facilitate a positive and lasting change in your life, using strategies derived from empirical research. She uses a non-directive approach, not offering advice, but helping you to come to your own realisations through thought-provoking questions. She will use a solutions-focused approach to help you set your own goals, and establish the ways in which you will stick to them. This will provide you with clarity, and tools to continue this change far beyond the scheduled coaching sessions. 

To book a coaching session, please email Martha

Invested in your healing

Coaching sessions will help you to put your insights from other sessions into practice in your daily life. Lily will also help you to order your thoughts, and formulate a clear idea of your present situation and future goals. Coaching sessions are not a diagnostic tool, but will work as part of a multidisciplinary approach to help you understand and move beyond your voice problem.

Why do I need coaching?

  • Seeking clarity of thoughts
  • Understanding and highlighting goals
  • Help with formulating and sticking to goals
  • Time management and organising priorities 
  • Maximising efficiency
  • In need of making a behavioural change
  • Motivation and tools to achieve goals

£195.00 for 3, 60 minutes

What will happen at my appointment?

This appointment will be delivered via zoom 

Lily will begin by taking the time to listen and understand the scope of the problem, in order to gain a holistic understanding of your situation. Following this, you will explore potential options together, and Lily will assist you in making these options realistic and tangible to integrate into your life. Follow up sessions will begin by discussing what has changed as a result of the previous session, and you will work together to foster what is working well, and unpick any difficulties you have experienced. 

How long is the session?

Following a free 10-minute consultation session, you will be offered an initial 1-hour session and two 45-minute follow up sessions. Sessions will be arranged with Lily during the initial consultation session, and would ideally be between 1 and 3 weeks apart. 

This treatment is scheduled and booked with a deposit, and Lily will invoice for the remainder of the fee. This way of working enables both a fair wage to the expert practitioners, and facilitating the administration of multidisciplinary team meetings and management.

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To book a coaching session, please email Martha

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