Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching is a huge part of our multidisciplinary approach at the Voice Care Centre, and truly is an important missing link between therapy and normal function. Although our studio is separate to the clinic centre, notes will still be shared backwards and forwards from each practitioner, with your privacy and data fully protected by encrypted email servers and ‘2 factor authentication’.

What is Vocal Coaching?

Our understanding of singing has (mostly) moved away from ‘What muscle does x?’ and into “How is my brain interpreting this command / sound / environment?” Although it may not seem it at first glance, this is an important distinction to make because it stops us worrying about whether we are tilting or retracting etc, and starts us focussing on what might be helpful for your artistic and technical development. The Vocal Coaching at the Voice Care Centre is highly explorative, and somatically focussed, meaning that each session is led via your experience of the coaching rather than the outcome. 

8 of 10 singers we see at the Voice Care Centre do not have regular singing lessons but may make their living from singing for hours per week. It is important for the upkeep of your instrument. You don’t need Vocal Coaching every week because specialised coaching can keep you topped up even if it’s once per month.

Who is Vocal Coaching for?

  • Post Speech Therapy / Vocal Rehabilitation
  • Ongoing maintenance of the voice
  • Changing vocal identity or genre
  • Preparation for contracts such as tours, shows or online teaching/performing

Is this Online
or In-Person?

Both! Stephen owns a studio in Soho where sessions can take place upon request or invitation, with each In-Person coaching session lasting 90 minutes and usually taking place on a Sunday or Monday.

The Online coaching can be timetabled immediately with each session lasting 45 minutes.

In-person 90 minutes

Online coaching 45 minutes

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