Vocal Massage / Manual Therapy

Our Vocal Massage treatments have become synonymous with the words “Pain Free” because of our evidence based approach to this interaction. The Vocal Massage treatments are all delivered by voice specialists who truly understand what it is to be a professional voice user.

What is Vocal Massage/ Manual Therapy?

Vocal Massage (or Manual Therapy) is a non denominational treatment process comprising of Manual Maxillofacial Therapy, Clinical Massage, Myofascial Release techniques, Stretches, Medical Acupuncture and even Low Level Laser Therapy. 

Any manual therapy in or around the area of the throat should NEVER hurt, and by the specialised and reviewed definition below, there can never be “good pain”.

“[Pain is] an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with, or resembling that associated with, actual or potential tissue damage” – International Association of the Study of Pain 2020

If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or dysfunction with your voice, jaw or throat, adding more unpleasant sensory or emotional experiences to it is counterintuitive and potentially risks further damage or practitioner reliance.

What can Vocal Massage/ Manual Therapy help with?

  • Globus Pharyngeus / Globus Hystericus a sense of a ‘lump’ in the throat
  • Loss of range or smooth transitions between vocal registers
  • Freeing up the belt voice quality
  • Difficulty swallowing or swallowing disorders
  • Muscle Tension Dysphonia
  • Jaw and tongue root tension

Evidence informed, person focussed approach

Vocal Massage can be used as part of the treatment of rehabilitation for vocal pathology, this can be from any dysfunction such as Muscle Tension Dysphonia/ functional dysphonia, or even Nodules (but working with vocal fold pathologies must see a multidisciplinary team in place), so we would be then working alongside your Speech Therapist and Vocal Rehabilitation Coach.

Because our Vocal Massage has an evidence based approach to the treatment, we don’t need to pound and grip and bruise the muscles on which we are working, instead our integrated MFR has the lightest pressure of any soft tissue bodywork. Every treatment, with any therapist on the team uses a Myofascial approach to help the body change, relax and heal by putting the body into a rest and digest, Vagal state. It’s no secret that the Voice Care Centre has some of the most advanced Myofascial Release (MFR)

practitioners in the UK, and with our own literature based research into this field specifically relating to voice, we take this level of expertise to a new level.

The client centred approach to treatment was pioneered by a Physiotherapist in New York called Walt Fritz, who Stephen can be seen talking with at the video below when Walt journeyed to London in March 2019.

📍Vocal Massage is an IN-PERSON service. This appointment is carried out in the Broadwick Street centre in Soho.

You can book in with any of the practitioners below by following the links through to our booking system where you will pay a booking deposit. The remainder of the fee will be due after the session has ended.

£65.00 for 30 mins /£130.00 for 60 mins (Vocal Massage)


📍Vocal Massage is available both in London and now at the VOICE CARE CENTRE – Devon.

This treatment can differ from our standard vocal massage by being able to hone in on swallowing or voice disorders, and adds in other therapeutic elements like psychotherapeutic counselling. This appointment type is only currently available from Stephen.


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As a thought leader in the voice health sector, Stephen has been responsible for creating the Voice Care model in the UK…

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An Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist, Robert is also one of London’s leading voice teachers with 20 years experience training actors in Britain and Ireland…

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